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Sustainability is Our Commitment

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Many businesses today are touting the green initiatives they currently have in process. Through the years, Maple Press has routinely incorporated eco-friendly procedures in our operations because they simply made sense. We have been Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling as a means to minimize our environmental impact for many years, long before it became a trend. Making quality books in a responsible, safe, and efficient manner has been part of our culture for many years. Our efforts to be green have been by design.

In addition to the internal efforts in place at Maple Press relating to environmental stewardship, we continue to be a leader in our support of environmental initiatives in the book industry.

Our manufacturing and distribution centers are all located in the heavily populated Northeast near main highways and interstates, reducing the energy costs associated with shipments. In addition, customers who manufacture and distribute through Maple Press are able to generate significant energy savings as our distribution centers are in very close proximity to our manufacturing facility.

If you are looking to produce eco-friendly books your customer can feel good about buying, Maple Press is the book manufacturer who provides options for materials with the most environmentally friendly manufacturing process in the industry. Please feel free to contact your Sales Representative if you would like to learn more about environmental efforts of Maple Press.

To download a summary statement describing the Maple Press commitment to the environment, click here.