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Our Award-Winning THINKTech®Process

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Maple Press is proud to announce the development and use of the THINKTech® printing process in our pressrooms. We are pleased with the benefits this innovative technology brings to the environment, our customers and the Maple Press organization.

This revolutionary process is so effective that Maple Press has since been dubbed as “the greenest printer” by Graphics Arts Monthly. Read all about it here.

THINKTech® has also won our company the prestigious Pennsylvania Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence.

The print system utilizes a special ink and fountain solution which allows us to print with VOC emission levels in the 1-2.5% range for our sheetfed presses, as this combination is almost solvent-free. This is significantly less than the 19-25% levels that we experienced previously with soy or petroleum-based sheetfed inks and fountain solutions. In addition, the ink dries in seconds using the THINKTech® printing process which results in a better print quality and reduced spoilage.

Enhancing these VOC reductions is Maple Press's use of a soy blanket wash with only 0.29% VOCs. This is a mere fraction of VOC levels experienced with more common petroleum-based washes. The end result is a revolutionary printing process which is unsurpassed in the industry and available as a no-cost eco-friendly alternative to our customers.