Since 1901, Maple Press has proudly crafted books that have entertained and educated readers. Our book manufacturing operations are located in York, PA where over 13 million books are produced annually in a wide variety of trim sizes and bind styles. Our combination of offset and digital presses gives Maple Press the flexibility to handle a complete spectrum of quantities using the most cost-effective platform.

Our book manufacturing capabilities are complemented by our Maple Logistics Solutions division which provides distribution services at our facilities in York, Lebanon and Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. Together, our four facilities provide complete book manufacturing and distribution services to our customers.

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Additional information regarding our services is available at the links listed below. Please contact us directly if you wish to inquire more about our services. Our extensive book manufacturing capabilities are supported by comprehensive material supply programs allowing for flexibility in the book design process.

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Distribution services are provided by our Maple Logistics Solutions division which specializes in customized supply chain services for book publishers as well as B2B, B2C, and e-commerce clients in other markets. Click here to learn more...

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Maple Press has an ongoing commitment to environmentally responsible practices in book manufacturing. Learn more...


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